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Friday, 7 March 2014

How to create Usb Bootable windows 8

How to create Usb Bootable windows 8 drive, and press the start .
Type cmd ,and right click on it and start  with administrator right.
Now on the command prompt give following command.

Method create Usb Bootable windows 8

First type diskpart
List disk   // command will generate,the list of Disk connected to your computer like Hard disk.
Select disk 1   //in that case that is clean.
Create partition primary      //Create primary partition of  drive.
Active   //DiskPart marked the current partition as active.
Format fs=ntfs quick        // Format Filesystem=NTFS quick( just use format fs=ntfs)
Assign      //DiskPart successfully formateed the volume.
After this your  drive is ready to boot any computer just another step requires.
After this, copy all the content of DVD or Windows 7 ISO extract to USB drive.


Monday, 3 March 2014

How to Restrict a Drive in windows 8

How to Restrict a Drive. There is a method to Restrict a drive. This is simple method.

Procedure to Restrict a Drive

(NOTE: do the following only on files/directories that you create,  or on additional, non-system/non-boot drives — don't do this on any file or directory that windows creates.) Just right-click on a  drive, directory, or file, and go to Properties->Security>Advanced. Take ownership if you're not the owner, and set the permissions such that only the owner can access the object (but leave any permissions for SYSTEM or Administrators alone).

Step 1: Right click on drive and then properties.

Stept 2: A window will appear.There is too much tab,General,Tools,Hadrdware,Sharing,previous windows,Customize etc.Then click on security.After click on Authenticated users will highlighted
on pic.Then click on Edit.

Step 3: click on  Authenticated users and then deny option and then click on apply and restrict drive.